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Yale has lots of things packed away in the attic.  Which of these treasures is not in their collections?


1.  A rose kissed by Alice B. Toklas

2.  A piece of the True Cross

3.  Alfred Lord Tennyson’s hair

4.  William Howard Taft’s underpants




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What does WIYN observe?

  1. Music
  2. Galaxies
  3. News reports
  4. ARRA funds


Handsome Dan

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Which Handsome Dan was truly a standout?

  1. Handsome Dan X
  2. Handsome Dan XII
  3. Handsome Dan I
  4. Handsome Dan XVI


Breaking Ground

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What were they building in 1913?





  1. The polo pony barns
  2. The tunnels for the Yale Bowl
  3. Barracks for ROTC
  4. Chemical weapons testing sheds



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What did students observe from the tower of the Athenaeum in 1835?


  1. P.T. Barnum’s circus coming to town.
  2. The first sighting of Halley’s Comet.
  3. “Life” on the moon.
  4. Charles Darwin on the Beagle.



Temples of Cloacina

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 What were John Trumbull’s “Temples of Cloacina?”

  1. A painting of Roman temples
  2. Follies constructed on his estate
  3. Outhouses behind the Brick Row
  4. A poem he wrote after visiting Rome




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Tony Lavelli ’49 was the Boston Celtics’ first pick in the 1949 NBA draft.  He agreed to sign up on one condition.  What was it? 

  1. He could perform on his accordion at half-time
  2. His wife could accompany him on the road
  3. He could get a free car
  4. His parents could have prime seats to Celtics games during their lifetime



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What does this “thunder house” in the Peabody’s collection of Historical Scientific Instruments do?






  1. Predicts the weather
  2. Tells time
  3. Lights up
  4. Explodes




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After the original inhabitant passed on, this shell served what function?



conch trumpet




1. Mastodon skin scraper.

2. Grain scoop.

3. Musical instrument.

4. Fish scaler




Into the Woods

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 Identify this event: 




1.  WWI training camp

2.  The first FOOT (Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trip)

3.  Yale School of Forestry Camp

4.  The first fraternity row